Feb 26

Dear Strings,
Okay, I’m a Dag Wiren convert after last Thursday. For this Thursday it’s Grieg, Holst, and Haydn (1). This Thursday happens to be March 1. Good Friday is March 30. And the first library concert follows directly on April 21. Time to get cracking.
Re Good Friday: Ruth needs to know Thursday who is playing the Good Friday event. We absolute have to be able to cover the parts. Please be ready to tell her.
Attachment: The article Ruth was mentioning about music’s effects on brains.

Link: An article Martha found about how music helps badly damaged veterans.

Note: A crowd of orchestra members had gathered around a violist and a first violinist, who were going at it off-stage during the intermission of an important concert. Finally, the music director was summoned, and she rushed over to break it up. Asked what had started it, the violist blurted, “That snot turned down one of my pegs, and now he won’t tell me which one!”
See you Thursday,