Dates for Good Friday performance:

This Thursday and next (March 8 and 15) rehearsals at HLC, normal time.

The following two Thursdays (March 22 and 29) rehearsals at St. Christopher’s, normal time.

Good Friday, March 30, at St. Christopher’s.  [I think she said service at 7:00.]

St. Christopher directions will be sent as we approach.

Dates for Library series, all concerts 1 PM arrivals:

  •             Saturday, April 21   Pohick Regional Library.
  •             Saturday, April 28   Braddock Glen.
  •             Saturday, May 5   Martha Washington Library

All rehearsals at HLC, as normal.

Forwards:  I’ve got two things I will be forwarding separately by phone (i.e., building the addressee lists).  One is an announcement about an up-coming free concert this coming Friday evening.  It is at the Schlesinger Center, and it is to be given by the Avanti Orchestra.  They are the orchestra of the Friday Morning Music Club, and they are very good!  If you haven’t heard them, you should.  They are like a super version of us.  They are made up of professionals and very high level amateur musicians, and they play for the joy of it—without compensation.  Some of us heard them play Tommy Talis up in Montgomery County a few years back, and we were all impressed.

The other forward is a picture response to last week’s viola story, from a violist, a friend of Maryn.  If there is a way I can put them into one email, I will.

See you Thursday