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Dear Strings,

For all who weren’t at last night’s rehearsal, the big news is the Good Friday service is off.  St. Christopher’s completely dropped the ball; indeed they made no effort to pick it up.  Long ago, Ruth offered them the program, and they said the wanted to do it.  Periodically she sent them proposals, gave them the program from last year’s HLC event, reminded them, etc.  And that was the extent they thought about it.  Apparently they were so absorbed in their routine activities that they couldn’t be bothered to think about something new.  They didn’t schedule a service for Good Friday, they haven’t promoted it, they’ve neither staffed it or considered their role in it.  Nothing!  In consequence, Ruth has pulled the program.  We’re not going in there to turn on the lights and play to an empty house.  Even it they come to realize they’ve blown it, it’s way too late to put it right now.  Their loss.  Next year—if they seriously want itand if they seek us out—we’ll see if we can fit it into our program.  No more games with St. Christopher’s.

Re share rebate. Not doing the Good Friday service eliminates two of Ruth’s services. The March 29 rehearsal is gone. We can’t substitute a regular rehearsal at HLC because of Maundy Thursday services there. And of course the March 30 performance at St. Christopher’s is off. So Ruth’s initial thought was to refund the partial share to each member for those two services. I told her I thought the members would agree that we should just put the money to music purchases for the 2018-19season, and at a minimum we should take it up with them at rehearsal, which we did last night. And I think everybody was in agreement that we should put the money forward to music purchases. So we will. But if anybody wants their own $13.50 back, I’m sure Ruth would be happy to do give it to you, no questions asked.

But don’t put away the Haydn!  Sonatas I and V will be programmed for the library series this spring.  And this coming week the focus will be Haydn V, all of  St. Paul’s Suite, and anything in Dag Wiren that Betty wants to do.  She’s got the stick.

Where’s  Ruth?


Saturday, March 17, 2018 | 7:30 pm
Sunday, March 18, 2018 | 3:00 pm

Featuring Guest Artists:
Michael Brown, piano

Program Highlights:
R. Schumann, Manfred Overture
Dvorak, Symphonic Variations
Brahms, Piano Concerto No. 2, B Flat Major, Op. 83

More at

Attachment.  This is something Suzanne wants me to forward about a bluegrass competition her band is in Saturday (tomorrow).  As previously mentioned, I currently can only receive emails on my phone, not my computer.  And I have no group email on my phone, that I can figure out.  But I’ve found a possible work-around.  When somebody sends me something to forward or that needs a group-response, I can print it from my phone, then scan it onto my computer, and then attach it to an out-going email, which I can still send on the computer.  It’s awkward, but it’s easier than building a 30+ person addressee list on my phone for each and every forward or reply.

A better way, if anyone want’s to promote something:  bring flyers to hand out at rehearsals.

Schedule.  All future rehearsals will be a HLC, as usual.  The first concert is Pohick on April 21, followed by Braddock Glen on April 28, followed by Martha Washington on May 5.  All 1 PM orchestra calls.  Directions as we approach.

See you all Thursday,