we are on for tonight

Dear Strings,

We are on for tonight!  The roads are clear and dry, and half on N. Virginia is out driving on them right now.  I just ran over to HLC, and there, too, the parking lot is clear and dry.  The only section you might want to avoid is on the side of the church, adjacent the playground.  As of a short time ago, that area wasn’t well plowed and may become icy tonight.  The rest of the parking lot is ours—ESL is off tonight.  We are the only show in town.  I’ll be at HLC to open up as close to 7 as I can.  Of course, as always, you know your neighborhood best.  If there’s likely to be an ice issue on your only route home tonight, use your discretion on whether to come.  If you must, toss another log on the fire an practice at home; the rest of us will be at HLC.

Hope to see you all tonight:  Holst, Grieg, Haydn (I & V).